Here I am–let’s start with a look back at album covers for 2013….

Jeff Jordan,  Profile Vulture, mixed media

Jeff Jordan, Profile Vulture, mixed media

I had a great year doing album covers in 2013. Perhaps the most interesting project was Protest the Hero, a Progressive/Metal band from Toronto, Canada. These guys have been through the Record Company grind, and decided to do an independent release for their fourth album. They asked for $125,000.00 to complete the album, and obviously underestimated their fan base–they ended up with $341,000.00. So without going into detail, I was paid satisfactorily!

The actual cover was deemed a bit racy for American record store placement, so this image, which became known as the Profile Vulture, was created as an alternative G Rated cover. I enjoy working in mixed media when I can. this image was created using Copic markers, gel pens, pen and ink. When PTH’s manager saw it, he said “That’s Iconic.” I asked Luke, PTH Guitarist and keyboard player, “Who has he managed?” Luke’s reply, “Kiss, Pat Benatar, and Steve Vai, among others.”  OK, then, I believe he knows what he’s talking about.

The album was released on October  27, 2013, as I recall. It hit #20 in the Billboard top 200 for that week–pretty much unheard of for a Prog/Metal band. Needless to say, I’m very happy to have been involved in this project.

Image of Media Vulture somewhere in Canada

Protest the Hero setting up, somewhere on the road, 2013.

Luke sent me this shot from a small club somewhere in Canada. As I write this the European leg of the tour is in progress. Safe Journey, you guys!

Next time–The ACTUAL Volition cover.



  1. Lucas wrote:

    This is awesome Jeff, you’re killing it!