John Flocken–Zonezar


Hanging in the kitchen with John


ZONEZAR–Entropy album cover.

This happened a couple years ago, but the album came out late last year. We were in the middle of the house remodel, as I recall. One of the few paintings I was able to complete during that weird experience.

John approached me at some point and I asked to hear the music I’d be doing a cover for. A demo appeared in the mailbox a few days later. I put it on–it sounded sorta like Floyd, PINK Floyd, later times. In spite of not being a later Floyd fan, I liked it. In the interests of transparency, I LOVE Barrett-era Floyd. But this was Floyd with a twist. I was hearing some kinda Floyd/Pharoah Sanders mashup. Then I heard “Clearly It’s You.” Not sure why this happens, but I was totally amazed–enough so that I just put the song on repeat and listened to it for an hour or 2. Just that one song! It was enough to make me want to do the cover.

It turned out John had heard about me through my friend Ikey Owens–esteemed former keyboard player for the Mars Volta. Ikey’s on the album and had a hand in production. It’s the Long Beach crew, in there. A great bunch of musicians!

John decided he wanted to own the Original painting for the Entropy cover. He came up to Eureka from Long Beach, brought Cash $$ to keep things simple, and left a few hours later with the painting. Maybe he was on a roll, I don’t know. Something came along to mess with that, though. But John doesn’t give up, and with good reason. It was maybe a year and a half later that he sent me copies of the album–worth the wait! This album has really grown on me, and whenever “Clearly It’s You” comes on, I still put it on repeat for far too many times. I can’t wait to hear what John does next time!