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Luke Hoskin Incognito--Toronto, Ca. late 2013

Luke Hoskin Incognito–Toronto, Ca. late 2013

Sorry for the delays in continuing the Blog. Basically I’m not a computer person, so I encountered the need for further instruction, and the need to wait until my Instructor could fit me in. Hopefully I’m back………

So anyway, at the point Protest the Hero dropped the Volition album, my good buddy Rick Kirk (more about him soon) told me Toronto was plastered with Media Vulture broadsides, but he hadn’t had the opportunity to grab a shot–bad traffic day, from what I could gather. Luke mentioned his girlfriend had gotten a shot of him in front of some, but right then they began the first leg of their tour–North America.

So I had to wait a few weeks until Luke sent me this shot. Now I’m sharing it with you if you’re reading this post.

In conclusion, I want to thank Protest the Hero, the entire band, for thinking of me when they needed a cover/art package for Volition. Not that we’re done. Luke wrote to me at some point, saying they wanted to use another image of mine for the planned 10th anniversary re-release of their first full-length CD, Kezia. That should happen early next year (2015). More about that when the time is right.

I dislike categorization, so I don’t know whether PTH is more Metal or more Progressive. It’s very intense music played with a great deal of passion.I was blown away by it, myself. Still a lot more music to hear every time I listen to it. Not everybody likes this kind of music, but if you’re one who does, I couldn’t recommend this album more highly.

Next time: Leprous