PTH Continued

Pit Bull meets Media Vulture--Mixed Media/Paper

Pit Bull meets Media Vulture–Mixed Media/Paper

When Luke Hoskin, my contact from Protest the Hero, and I were trying to figure out possible illustrations to add to the Volition package, one of their concerns was the Illegal status of the Pit Bull breed in Canada. As I understand it, Pit bulls are put down just because they’re Pit Bulls. So it seemed like pretty much of a no-brainer to address that issue. Here’s the drawing.

Media Vulture Skull--Pen & Ink, 2013

Media Vulture Skull–Pen & Ink, 2013

The final thing PTH needed was a drawing for Tour apparel. It seemed like a good time for a Pen and Ink drawing. A media Vulture Skull seemed like the ticket, so here’s what I did.

One more PTH Post, then it’s time for a Mission Statement……..