Survival Knife

Symbiotic Village, oils/wood, 2010

Symbiotic Village, oils/wood, 2010

I got a call late last year from Kris Cunningham, a great drummer and an old friend, wanting a cover for Survival Knife, his latest band. (If you’re of a certain age, Kris was the drummer for local heroes Couch of Eureka a long time ago.) His wife Meg plays bass in Survival Knife, as well. I was happy to say “Yes” when I heard the music. Sorta Punk/Prog, maybe. You can hear the Punk edge, but there’s still this hard to deny Prog structure. VERY interesting, to me, at least.

There wasn’t really enough time for me to comfortably come up with an original image, so they chose one of my favorite recent paintings, Symbiotic Village, for their cover. There’s nothing better, really–almost like Free Money if I already painted it.

Kris and I used to talk about me doing a cover for one of the bands he was in. Now it’s a done deal. Check them out–the new album, Loose Power, dropped today.

Next time: Upcoming Show in Eureka


  1. Richard Kirk wrote:

    Great cover! Looking forward to checking these guys out.


  2. Meg wrote:

    Thanks Jeff!!!!! ~ meg