Blue Ribbon, 2009

Blue Ribbon, 2009

TWbB sent me an email not too long after the Leprous Coal cover. I checked them out and really loved their music, so I was happy to let them know I was interested. Blue Ribbon, the painting they wanted for the cover of their new album, Without, is one of my favorites I’ve done. No idea why, let me be clear about that…….just IS.

So I wrote back with my lowest possible price, just wanting to be associated with them. I was sad when they wrote back saying they couldn’t afford my price. I was VERY sad, but I can’t work for free. Wrote back to say so, wished them luck in the future, and sorta let it go.

So it was really great when Riky, TWbB lead guitarist, wrote back a few months later saying they’d gotten the $$ to go with the Blue Ribbon cover, after all. In the fullness of time I got a package from Italy with the CD. I hadn’t heard the music up front, as I prefer, but based on their previous albums I wasn’t worried at all. I put the disc on, and it stayed there for 2-3 weeks. By now you understand there’s a strong O/C component to my personality, but it seems to work for me, at least so far.

Lately I seem to be liking really raw, simple, even primitive, music. This album is a lot more than that, though. I could hear a history of Blues music, of sorts, from Africa to Captain Beefheart and a lot more–it took awhile until I wanted to hear something different. This album is in my rotation frequently, and I recommend it very highly. I feel very lucky to be associated with these guys.

There’s one more album cover that came my way in December ’13, but I’m waiting to hear back from the record company to make sure it’s OK.

Next time I’m going to start an ongoing feature in this Blog–Collage to Painting. Big Mutant…….